Steve Roberts Luxury Homes
3880 Parkwood Blvd. Suite 503
Frisco, TX 75034
Telephone: 972.668.5596


Dear Steve,

Thank you for the home Buena and I always wanted! It has been a pleasure to watch you create this master piece we call home. In front of others you give us way too much credit for how this home turned out. We know the mass of detail that you just took care of to ensure the vision was achieved. Without your fine eye for detail, your unmatched experience, your determination this home would not be the master piece it is.


While we appreciate you as our contractor – Buena and I have come to think of you and Leigh as our Christian brother and sister – as real friends. We look forward (the Lord willing) to nurturing this friendship for many years to come. The gift certificate is only a small thank you for creating our home and for being a friend. The best prime rib in the world – for the BEST home creator in the world.

Buena and I wish you, Leigh and your families the Best as we celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ's birthday.

With love and great respect,

Wayne & Buena Stevenson

Dear Steve and Staff,

Doug and I want to thank all of you for being so helpful in making our home building a great experience. Things always go wrong, which is expected, but the way things were handle made the frustration much easier to deal with.

Everyone was concerned that we were happy with what particular part they played in our home and I cannot express how good that was. My past experience was to get the job done – period, and there was not a concern as to how I liked what was going on. This is so important to feel like everyone really wanted it to be as perfect for us as possible and it is! Steve we sincerely appreciate all of the “great” suggestions you offered ( and I did trust you) and I'm glad I did. We appreciate all the “special extras”.

Our home is wonderful – we love it. Everyone who visits, thinks it is absolutely gorgeous. I know I was, at times, a pain but I do appreciate all of you tolerating me. I tend, sometimes, to get over excited. We wish you much continued success with happy homeowners.


Marcelle & Doug Powell

P.S. I love the columns!

Dear Steve,

Words are incapable of expressing our happiness with the home you built for us this year. From the first day to the last, this was a wonderful experience. Your folks are absolutely the finest, professional group I have seen. But our greatest pleasure, without a doubt, was the time we spent with you.

You give the word professional new meaning, Steve. Never have I seen such artistic ability combined with superior technical expertise. Most important, you are a good man, fair, and most of all, a true gentleman.

We thank you for the home of our dreams, but above of all, for your friendship.


Capt C.D. Ewell